Must Have Earring Sin Your Wardrobe


Must Have Earring Sin Your Wardrobe

Of all the jewelry items, the earring is the only one with which you can never go wrong. Whether you wear a necklace or not, most of us wear an earring all the time. In fact, we often have more than one ear piercing, as we love to flaunt multiple earrings at one go. You can never have enough of them. There are so many interesting styles and different designs to take your pick from. In order to make your shopping a little bit easier we thought of listing the must have earring in your wardrobe. Are you excited to find out which ones are those? Read on to know more:

  • The Diamond Stud: This is the classiest earring of all time. You should have one of these. The diamond comes in different shapes – round, oval, heart shaped and so on. It depends on you which one you will purchase. These studs are perfect for both formal and informal wear. Got an office meeting to attend where you wish to convey power and confidence? Wear this stud with your suit and you are sure to make an impressive impression. Going out on a date on a summer evening? Not in the mood to wear anything heavy or too on your face? Complement your summer dress with these earrings. You are sure to sparkle the entire night. You can effortlessly slip from formal to informal within a matter of few minutes. How cool is that?
  • The Chandelier Earring: This is one of the popular styles of earrings Malta. They are elegant to look at, have intricate work on them and you can take your pick between stone studded chandelier earrings or filigree work. Both looks great. We suggest that you buy one variety of each.
  • Fish Hook Earrings: If you want to look stylish and yet not over the top then this is the perfect earring for you. They are of an average length and look quite great with almost any attire. Wear it with a dress or pair it with a shirt, you are sure to rock any style.
  • Thread Earrings: As you can make out from the name, the earring is chain like or in other words thread like. You need to insert the chain and pull it so that the chain goes at the back and the design is displayed in front.

There are many online stores from where you can check out the different styles of earrings Malta. In fact you can look for stores that offer customized earrings. If you have seen any design anywhere or have something in mind, you can share it with the jeweler and can ask him to create an exact one for you. We suggest that you should buy one of each variety so that you have multiple earrings in your collection. No matter hat the occasion, where you are going, you will always have ample earring to take your pick from.

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